Thursday, October 8, 2009

Princess VS The Queen

It was a horrible tuesday for me. Mama and I quarreled and my sister couldn't stand the two of us shouting at each other- she just cried. I know that one shouldn't say words in times of anger since most of the time, regret will surely follow.I guess human as I am I did just that. I said things that may have been true but it doesn't matter since it caused more hurt than good.

I guess what surprised me more than mama's crying since it is to be expected - the Drama Queen that she is, is my sister's silent tears. You see, she isnt the confrontational type. The hurt that I saw in her eyes when I was in a heated argument with mama, was the reason I stopped and just walked away and locked myself in my room.

Thank God for Comfort foodies! I just luuurve KFC's ZINGER :) I mean with foodies like this, one just have to agree that there are good times after the bad... hehehe

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Princess VS The Clown

Im emo - but not the current fashion fad that is currently what the teenagers are so into right now...gawd saying that made me feel so ancient! What I mean is, I am emotional at times but Im definitely not your drama queen. Today, Im just sooo depressed but I dont want to be - because being depressed makes me feel so alone and helpless. Thats why Iv decided to smile even it hurts. Id rather be hurting inside and feel the pain of being alive, than wallow in my own depression and finally become numb and empty.

Im just surprised ... that its difficult... Iv always prided myself in being able to mask my emotions so well - I never expected myself to be so transparent that my office-mates suddenly started asking me if I was alright.

I need to be alright - I cant afford not to be.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Princess VS Wolverine

"Hey dick-wad, I'm speaking!"
-Samantha Jones

Last Sunday my BFF's (another reincarnation of our barkada name, prior to this one we called ourselves the Goddesses! LOL) Anyways, as I was saying, last Sunday my BFF's (giggles) Gawd its killing me! BFFs! LOL I know I know...its just that BFF is sooo maarte ahahaha oh well... BFF it is then! My BFF's watched "Xmen Origins:WOLVERINE", infairness it was a very decent adaptation of Marvel's one - if not most famous anti-hero character of all time. The story didn’t follow the comics history of Wolverine (Not to brag but I have a fairly decent knowledge of Marvel's Xmen history since I used to collect the comics way back in high school), but like I said it was a decent (I guess "unique" is a better word) retelling of Wolverine's "origin". I super grabe enjoyed the whole experience of watching the movie, plus! I get to see Daniel Henny in akshuuun (insert fan gurlscream here!) ooohhmigawdddd graveee! Talk about HAWT! It was such a bonding moment for us BFFs! Not to mention that IV finally proven that you don’t need to be well stacked in the money department as long as you have friends... (as long as your friends are rich! ahahaha diba Dhon? Paul?) After the movie we crashed at John’s place, had lechon paksiw for dinner, nag agawan sa rice and then decided to watch a DVD. It was Sex and the City the Movie.

"After years of living in the city I assumed that if my friends and I ever got our fairytale endings that would be the end of the story. But real life--Always has a twist."
-Carrie Bradshaw
Dhon already watched the movie once, JhayR twice and John too many to mention LOL. Me? Its my first hehehe. I know it’s the ultimate “BFF film” kuno… but I don’t know when the movie was like being shown in almost all the theaters here in Cebu, and when my BFFs were like texting me like crazy to watch the movie with them… I just couldn’t bring myself to watch it. I felt it was too fake and I believed that each barkada is too unique, that it cant be just summarized in a series how many seasons it may have or worse! Just a 2 hour (give and take minutes) movie. BUT after the watching the film…I still believe that we are far from the women of SATC however, I have to admit there are times that the characters is too close to me and my friends persona’s that its almost creepy, and I have to admit, I cant help but relate to the characters of the film. If you can’t beat them…Join them… parang ganun ang nangyari. So I asked my BFFs, basing on the SATC girls, who am I? The unanimous answer? SAMANTHA JONES.

"I can't color enough, I would color all day every day If I had my way, I would use every crayon in my box."
-Samantha Jones
Okey so If you are a fan of SATC you would know what a whore Samantha Jones is. Hell, I know Samantha and Im not a fan, so if you don’t her, don’t bother reading this blog not until you watched the movie or at least had the decency to wiki the character up. Well I can’t blame them for saying that I am Samantha in the group, but hey reality does bite and sometimes it bites hard. I mean hey Im the most vocal about me not being the relationship type and Ill have a fuck over any cheesy gay to gay relationship that is doomed to failure any day! And I totally agree that it just so happened that at this point in my life, I just simply love myself more. I definitely don’t see anything wrong with that. BUT and this is a very big BUT! (bigger than yours! LOL) Everything you just read is definitely my own opinion and like you I am very much entitled to it!

"Honey, You know me, I don't really believe in marriage; now botox on the other hand, that works every time."
-Samantha Jones
When Samantha said those lines to Carrie, it was then that I realized that NO. I am definitely not Samantha. I may agree that love for self is very important and there is definitely nothing wrong in being gorgeous and all that! But, deep down I still believe in LUURVEEE. They call me cynical but Id rather call myself cautious. I sooooo believe in LOVE that I just don’t want to be in a relationship just for the sake of changing my Facebook and Friendster status into “in a relationship”, because unfortunately in today’s society be it a relationship of the opposite sex or of the gay kind, sex is synonymous to a “relationship". Sure, it maybe a relationship in its own right but its something that I would rather have when I love my partner and vice versa. I am not Samantha but I can’t also deny that we are very similar. In the movie, Samantha ended a relationship because as she said…”I love you but I love me more…” However, as for me, When I do say I LOVE YOU , its because its gonna be for keeps. Ill make sure to only say those words when Im soooo sure that even if I see a very hung SPANISH neighbor who happens to be an exhibitionist aswell that I would still be sure that my love for my partner exceeds my love for myself, because when I love .. “THIS IS REALLY IS IT!”

So why not safely COLOR with the different crayons available until I find Mr. Big or until he finds me...

Friday, April 24, 2009

Princess VS Mini Me

"If I meet an angry man, somebody who is truly angry without a reason, I often wonder if the cause might be something as simple as small penis size..."
- Jonas Swensson

Kiddie, Chat na Dash?

Friends, if you truly love your JOB don’t do this at work :) Well Im not saying naman that I don’t luurrve my JOB, believe me I DO! (what with the economy now and all that?) It’s just that, I easily get bored and staring at my Excel File however colorful it is for the next 5 hours can send me to Snoozeville faster than any of Japan's Bullet trains! So what’s a princess gotta do? Well a princess gotta do what a princess gotta do! Web Based IRC here I come! Yeahhh baby... (yeah baby jeeed?) Yes I do chat while Im at work, I know it’s bad, BUT! HEY! I pride myself in multi-tasking is the key to success! hehehe. I can chat and call and keep my Excel files updated. So yeah, leave the chatting to us professional’s hehehe

You are now Logged on as PrincessKd

Unlike some faggots out there, I don’t go and tell other stupid faggots that Im discreet, straight acting, straight tripper blah blah and all that stupid descriptions, that most mermaids online tend to use as phrases of adjectives when asked how they look like! And even if I did, I couldn’t walk away with it,(please refer to profile pic.) Boy this whole thing about gay community over the net chatting needs a different BLOG on its own! Anyways, when I go online I usually post in the room "Kinsa naay alum sa tintin dere?" (Who has a mole in his penis, here?) and when asked about my "ASL" which is like the ultimate form of greetings over the net...I just tell them Im GAY... straight out. That way I don’t waste my time and theirs, Im sure they have their own delusional market of discreet people wherein discreet happens to be a very warped definition of faggots acting like what a discreet gay guy should really be. So having said that, one of them trippers sent me a message..."Ako naa koy alum! Oh you’re gay? Cool... are you a shemale?" TOINKS! Mao na ni. You tell them your gay and they automatically assume your either the parlolistang bading or you had a sex reassignment done to your upper torso...since Iv heard its more cheaper than having your birdie be placed where the sun will never reach it (wink). I believe that a picture says a lot more than mere words to describe me physically, so I just sent him my pic. It turned out that he like what he saw and said..."Mit ta na"

BOOKING na Gheng?

Unsay dugayan diba? So we agreed to meet and greet hahaha whattaterm! I was taller than him which surprised me because when he showed me his pic he didn’t look uhmm small...note to self, don’t forget to ask for the height even if chat mate shows a pic that exudes an aura of a basketball player. We met near the gates of a posh subdivision in Talamban named after the miraculous baby Jesus... oh di ba? If that’s not clue enuff I dunno what is. Assuming ra kaayo ko...Since I thought we are near the subdivision, we'd be doing the deed in his house...Og sa dihang ni para sya og Taxi...What the heck, sabi nga nila,"sleep in the bed you made" or something like that...hehehe sure there's a bed where we are heading at, but I doubt if there will be any sleeping- not if I can help it! Finally we arrived in the land of the Queens (ahaha im so enjoying this uber obvious clue giving) we got a room and once inside... I went down on him and...


Have you ever been in a situation wherein your body is automatically reacting to the situation of the environment you are in but your head is telling you not to act in a way that may prove un-beneficial for your well being? Oh...maybe like having your face rearranged in way that youd end up having your nose as your second ear or lips transformed into a pouting horror twice the size of Pops? A situational Example would be, your boss is talking to you about your performance and all the while a snot is hanging from his nose? How about a Pañero of your father who the family owed so much since it was thru him that papa has work right now? Who came over for a visit and suddenly farted during dinner? I see you get my point. Well that’s what happened when I saw Mr. Mini Me's TINTIN.

The Long or short of it... (giggles)

I really don’t know how to describe it but, according to, the appendage I saw hanging from the genital area of Mr. Mini Me...that thing with a mole is called... A Micropenis. As defined, a micropenis is a penis that is more than 2.5 standard deviations below the average size for age. In a newborn, a stretched penile length less than ¾ inch (1.9 cm) is micropenis. Which means if you are already an adult and your tintin is 2.5 below the average tintin size erect or flaccid, by the way, the average penis is five to seven inches (127 to 178 mm)long when erect (measured from the tip of the penis head to the abdomen). Well its safe to say you are a Mini Me. Yes it was that SMALL! No exaggeration! If you knew me personally you would know I don’t exaggerate about things, especially about tintins!

Its not the size that counts...

Cow Dung! So what happened after I saw Mr. Mini Me's Thing? Well, that time I was just so thankful that I was able to hold my hysterical laughter in which was ready to spill over, I mean one wrong move and I swear I wouldnt have possibly cared less, I will laugh my fat arse off! As a matter of fact, I acted so well that I deserve an award jud ba! So,I pulled my hair back and went to work...suffice to say, I felt like I did my good deed for the week! Sure I didn’t get my satisfaction...Hello! After I saw his sausage, for the sake of friendship I no longer took my skinny jeans off oi...respeto...ahahaha... Mga Ghengs! Size DOES matter!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Princess VS Mister Tooth Decay

Too many of today's children have straight teeth and crooked morals or both!
~Unknown high school principal

Deciding to join an outreach program that's sponsored by The Printing Solutions Company I work for, suddenly sounded pretty much exciting compared to a weekend with no exact plans from any of my friends for fun and entertainment since its a weekend! It was also an opportunity to be in a situation where you are given a chance to "pay it forward". Besides, I was really curious to experience first hand how a company who prides itself in taking it's social obligation very seriously by becoming one of its volunteers. ( Masyado bang madrama? ahahahaha)

The school who we are sponsoring the Dental Program is a public school in Guizo, Mandaue Cebu named... surprise! Guizo Elementary Public School. Elementary students from grades 4, 5 and 6 gets a chance to have their oral orifice checked to see if A hard, calcareous structure present in the mouth of many vertebrateanimals, generally used for eating is still intact and healthy(?). We are to assist the kind hearted (charing!) dentists who sacrificed their rest day aswell after a busy(?) week of work ehehehe.

Below are some pics taken during the outreach program ... Enjoy! (P.S. The lady I assisted with Dr. Rey is obviously not an elementary student, we happened to finish early and Dr. Rey was kind enough to include manang in the outreach program ahehehe...)