Thursday, October 8, 2009

Princess VS The Queen

It was a horrible tuesday for me. Mama and I quarreled and my sister couldn't stand the two of us shouting at each other- she just cried. I know that one shouldn't say words in times of anger since most of the time, regret will surely follow.I guess human as I am I did just that. I said things that may have been true but it doesn't matter since it caused more hurt than good.

I guess what surprised me more than mama's crying since it is to be expected - the Drama Queen that she is, is my sister's silent tears. You see, she isnt the confrontational type. The hurt that I saw in her eyes when I was in a heated argument with mama, was the reason I stopped and just walked away and locked myself in my room.

Thank God for Comfort foodies! I just luuurve KFC's ZINGER :) I mean with foodies like this, one just have to agree that there are good times after the bad... hehehe

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